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What readers are saying ...



"...absorbing ... powerful and persuasive..."

" turning, captivating coming of age story ... to read the series in order."

"...a brilliant study of multi-dimensional characters and the philosophy of life..."

"...a well written serious gem of a book ... takes the reader on an eye-opening journey..."


"A grippingly brilliant tale of fierce friendship, love and loss..."

"Wynchester’s rocky and uneven path provides real human pathos that is compelling."

"The sound of breaking seas and the smell of blood, sweat and fear are all this exceptionally vivid prose epic..."

"...unique characters, complete with foibles, nervous habits, private agendas, and individual talents. Even the rust-bucket ships have curmudgeonly personalities."

"Wall has the uncanny ability to describe a universe that we may never experience, and catapults vivid characters into scenes we never thought possible."


"Jonah a character with staying power."

"The compelling variety of officers and enlisted personnel bring to mind Plato's 'Ship of Fools' where conflict and survival in an alien environment exposes the best and worst of society ... their society of strict rules and regulations that are constantly being bent and modified to suit the individual's needs."

"...I was reading the first book all usual fast pace wasn't allowing the nuances of the writing to come through.....I thought, oh, I'm missing a lot of the story here! I slowed down and now the beauty of Wall's prose is on full display....the books are brilliant."


"...captures not only the atmosphere of place, but also the subtle and sometimes not so subtle social impact of 100 men of two rigidly separate castes, officers and enlisted, confined to a 350' X 50' steel home."

"The interesting use of an opaque character's journal entries which digests the story's current events provides the reader with a bird's-eye-view of plot."

"A perfect portrayal of the LST in Vietnam..."

"...dynamic and suspenseful ..."  

"...characters are complex and surprising ... the dialogue is wonderful."

"...R.D. Wall has brilliantly melded the human element of a young sailor ... facing unknowable peril, with the vivid details of military life..."

" don’t put it down once you start reading..."

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